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Regarding provision of personal information

The provision of personal information concerning the application for this service is at the discretion of the customer. Please confirm the following contents before providing any information. However please be informed that the service may not be available in whole or in part if the required items of information are not presented.

The purpose of personal information gathering
The information from customers will be used only for the response based on the inquiries. In addition, it will not be used separately.

About the provision of the information to a third party
Through the above operation, and to respond to the customer's request, we may provide our affiliated companies with the customer information.

Inquiries about personal information
Please contact the following departments for inquiries about the disclosure, correction, or deletion of your personal information.


Zip/postal code: 215006 No.3#4# Building, Lianfa Industrial Park, No.199 Tongyuan Rd., Suzhou Industrial Park

Phone No.: +86 512- 6271- 3258- 311

For details on the confidentiality of personal information,please click here.

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