Recruitment Information

NITTOKU Suzhou has established a perfect working system, which can develop the potential of all the employees. The Company will make an annual training schedule for new employees and all employees every year, and hold regular training meetings. While pursuing excellent quality, we can also help all employees become better! We look forward to your joining and creating a bright future together!

Mechanical design engineer

Qualification Requirements

  1. College degree or above in mechanical design, with more than 3 years of working experience.
  2. With the knowledge of part quotation.
  3. Familiar with the basic process of processing, technology, assembly and debugging, and capable of force analysis and material selection.
  4. Able to skillfully use AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other commonly used mechanical design, EXCEL and other commonly used office software.


  1. To design non-standard automatic mechanical equipment.
  2. Development and design of new equipment.
  3. Selection of purchased products in institutions.
    (e.g. motor power, cylinder diameter, lead screw diameter, slide rail, sensor application)
Electrical design hardware engineer

Qualification Requirements

  1. At least 3 years of experience in non-standard electrical hardware design, college degree or above.
  2. Independently complete the hardware design of new equipment.
  3. Skillfully use CAD and prepare circuit diagrams.
  4. Able to independently select electrical components.
  5. Knowledge of Japanese is preferred.


  1. Prepare circuit diagram.
  2. Draw electrical related sheet metal drawings.
  3. Select electrical components.
  4. Prepare User Manual.
  5. Assist the electrical responsible personnel to complete equipment debugging.
Sales Staff

Qualification Requirements

  1. With 3 years of automation equipment sales experience, like business sales.
  2. Able to accept business trips, fluent in Japanese communication, and barrier-free communication by email.
  3. Strong market development and business promotion ability.


  1. Contact with customers, understand their needs and provide them with corresponding products and solutions.
  2. Maintain good relationship with existing customers, grasp market trends and market trends, and detect new needs of customers.
  3. New customer development.
  4. Quotation of corresponding product.
Training Plan

New employees

  • Induction training
  • Pre-employment training

Comprehensively understand the enterprise environment and culture, and abide by the rules and regulations and codes of conduct of the company. Clarify work objectives and job responsibilities, master work procedures and methods, and enter the job role as soon as possible.

Department staff

  • Machining training
  • Assembly training
  • Mechanical design training
  • Electrical design training

Improve and enhance employees’ knowledge, skills, working methods, working attitudes and work values. Enhance employees’ sense of responsibility and belonging, so as to exert their potential abilities and realize the dual development of departments and individuals.

All staff

  • Introduction of laws and regulations related to safety and environmental protection
  • Business etiquette training

Fully understand the knowledge of relevant laws and regulations and the importance of safety and environmental protection, reduce the occurrence of accidents and improve the awareness of environmental protection, improve the overall quality of employees, and establish a good image of modern enterprises.

Excellent employees selected by the department

  • Overseas study

Constantly improve employees’ self-learning awareness, and regularly send outstanding employees to the headquarters to learn advanced technology and experience under the perfect ascending channel and assessment mechanism, so as to enhance their personal abilities and grow together with the company.