Source of Technology

World’s best in the field of winding

NITTOKU, founded in Saitama, Japan in 1972, has been deeply involved in the global winding field for 50 years, and has grown into a leader in the global winding field, and is an important supplier and partner in the field of motor and coil production.Since investing and establishing a factory in Suzhou, China in 2002, NITTOKU Suzhou has become an important supplier and partner in China’s automobile, communication, home appliances and other industries, relying on NITTOKU’s strong technical supports and helping customers develop in the long run through innovative products and technical solutions.In the past 20 years, NITTOKU Suzhou has always adhered to the concept of “local resources serving for the local market”, deeply cultivates the Chinese market, continuously accelerates local production and local research and development, and provides customers with high-quality products and close services.

“3S Development Conception” and “Seven Core Technologies”

Nowadays, the innovation and changes in the world market are becoming increasingly fierce. NITTOKU Suzhou implements the “3S Development Concept”, i.e. Speed, Saving and Small on the manufacturing site with many years of experience, and provides customers with solutions from trial winding to mass production with the “Seven Core Technologies” of control, tension, wiring, handling, operation, assembly processing and information processing. Starting from the needs of customers, NITTOKU Suzhou has gradually grown into an excellent equipment manufacturer in the field of coil and motor production in the world by virtue of its strong technical development capability.

3S Development Conception
Increased Production
Increased Investment Value
Seven core technologies

control technology

tension technology

wire connection technology

transfer technology

handling technology

assembly & processing technology

information processing technology

Create a clean environment based on 5S concept

The company moved to a new site in 2020.The surrounding environment of the new factory is beautiful and the facilities are perfect. The factory follows the 5S management concept, which provides a clean working environment for employees while rapidly improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.Through the implementation of the concept of 5S to improve staff action and awareness, create a team spirit, thereby reducing the cost of the company, enhancing the competitiveness of the company in the world market.

Well-equipped factory facilities

The facilities in the factory area are well equipped, and different functional areas are matched according to production requirements, from machining workshop to assembly workshop, and the regional division is reasonable; with mature R&D team, perfect quality control system and production process, it can meet customers’ diverse and difficult production needs.

“Craftsmen” pursuing the most cutting-edge technology

Based on the corporate culture of “manufacturing is invention”, NITTOKU Suzhou has developed corresponding products at an amazing speed, and at the same time, it has also created batches of “craftsmen” who pursue excellent quality.The “craftsmen” not only manufacture a certain product, but also persevere in their work and strive for perfection in the production of products with an attitude of knowing things.

Bright future

Since NITTOKU Suzhou has achieved the above preconditions, it can make continuous contributions not only to the present, but also to the future life, constantly forge ahead while meeting the needs of customers, actively innovate products, improve services and create a bright future.