As a manufacturer, we regard the protection and control of the customer information as our significant social responsibility.We give the privacy protection the highest priority of our business activities, and will observe it by “Personal Information Protection Policy” stipulated as below.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. To observe our compliance program based on the personal information protection law, and to exercise strict control when the collection, usage and provision of personal information are required.
  2. To abide by laws and regulations concerning the private information.
  3. To use the collected personal information in the scope agreed by the person.
  4. To prevent and rectify the illegal access, missing, destruction, alteration or leakage of the collected personal information, and accumulate and store the data safely under strict control.
  5. To continue the improvement of the compliance program concerning the personal information protection.

Contact our Management Division for inquiries for the personal information protection policy and the related matters.

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